Solo Shows:

Broken Symmetry - Mise En Place gallery, Oakland, Ca Nov 2018

Selected Works - ArtBeat Salon, Berkley, CA Aug-Sep 2017

Selected Works - Ansel Adams Showroom Mono Inn, Lee Vining, Ca Jul 2017

Night and Day - Campfire Gallery, San Francisco, CA Oct 2015

In Visible Peripheral - Kuhl Gallery, Oakland, CA Sep-Nov 2014

Portfolio Paintings - Studios Eleven, Oakland, CA Apr 2014

Recent Work - Abbraccio, Oakland, CA Oct 2012

Boisterous Debris - United State, Sacramento, CA Apr 2010

Hidden in Plain Sight - Accident Gallery, Arcata, CA Mar 2008

First Saturdays - Bella Star, Arcata, CA Feb 2006

First Fridays - Bella Star, Eureka, CA Nov- Dec 2005

Recent Works - Humboldt State University, Arcata, Ca Oct 2005

Group Shows:

Resolution - Palette Gallery, San Francisco,Ca Dec 2019

Vinyl Show - Wonderland SF, San Francisco, Ca Dec 2018

Under1000 Galleries, San francisco, Ca Sept 2019- Present

Chocolate and Art Show - SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA Dec 2017

It Came From Oakland - Glamarama, Oakland, CA Jun 2014

First Fridays - Coeur Gallery, Portland, OR Jun 2010

5 Year Anniversary - Accident Gallery, Arcata, CA Mar 2010

An Honorable Detachment -Accident Gallery, Arcata, CA Feb 2008

Outsider Artists - Andrews Art Museum, Andrews, NC Jun 2008

The Circus Show - Verge Gallery, Sacramento, CA Sep 2008

Gallery / Alternative Representation:

GetArtUp - San Francisco, CA 2013- Present - LosAngeles, CA 2011 - present - Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY 2007- 2012

Accident Gallery, Eureka, CA 2006- 2010

Design / Commission Work:

Citizen Space Mural - Citizen Space, San Francisco, CA 2014

Surfboard Mural Project - Polynesian Hostel, Waikiki, HI 2009

CD design - Strix Vega 2008


Dark Mountain - Issue 6 2014

E Magazine - cover with story- Eureka, CA 2008






About My Work

'Man is an animal, which, alone amongthe animals, refuses to be satisfied by the fulfillment of animal desires.' -Alexander G Bell

 I am interested in working through an image whilst in the process of painting on a surface.  The first objects of the image are scenes from nature: trees, mountains and animals.  The scene slowly fills with solid shapes and perfect lines; objects of human conception.  I am showing the act of contemplation as man slowly imparts his development over and around the established nature.  What remains in the end is an image exhibiting tension between man and nature, a scene wherethe two are wrapped up in a chaotic commotion.

  I use a broad array of mediums to create a painting, but I prefer watercolor and gouache on paper.  In my paintings, watercolor is used to create faded landscapes, while gouache is used as the foreground medium, so I can push line and color.  When combined, my images become vibrant displays of graphic subjects existing in a dream state.  

 In my painting titled ‘Cloud Dancer’ I have displayed a heron landing on a bulging mass of abstracted shapes.  The idea is to innocently interact elements of nature with the new, intangible onset of human growth.  I want the viewer to cringe when he or she sees a natural element close to its demise while new, artificial growth overshadows the landscape.



Interest in original work and prints can be directed to the email listed above.


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